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Gulshan Kumar Dua (5 May 1956 – 12 August 1997),[2] was an Indian businessman who was the founder of the T-Series music label (Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.),[3] and a Bollywood movie producer. He founded T-Series in the 1980s and established it as a leading record label in the 1990s.

In 1997, he was murdered by the Mumbai underworld syndicate D-Company. After his death, T-Series has since been run by his younger brother Krishan Kumar and son Bhushan Kumar.[4] His daughter Tulsi Kumar and Khushali Kumar are also playback singers.[5]

Gulshan Kumar Dua was the son of Chandrabhan Kumar Dua, a fruit juice vendor who worked the streets of the Daryaganj neighbourhood in the heart of Delhi. Dua started working with his father from an early age. He was a devoted worshiper of Shri Shiv Ji and Devi Parvati, as he was a follower of the Shaiva tradition of Hinduism.


Dua changed career paths when his family acquired a shop selling records and inexpensive audio cassettes, which foreshadowed the onset of a vast music empire.[6]

Gulshan kumar

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