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Chhichhore (transl. Flippants) is a 2019 Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed by Nitesh Tiwari. Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under Fox Star Studios and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, the film stars Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor. Principal photography commenced in September 2018.[5]


The film was released on 6 September 2019, receiving critical acclaim for its direction, acting, social message, and portrayal of hostel life in Indian colleges. It became commercially successful and was declared a blockbuster.[6] The film earned ₹215 crore (US$30 million) worldwide and received five nominations at the 65th Filmfare Awards – Best Film, Best Director, Best Story, Best Dialogue and Best Editing. This marks the last theatrical release film of Sushant Singh Rajput before his death on June 14, 2020.




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Aniruddh "Anni" Pathak is a divorced middle-aged man living with his teenage son Raghav, an aspiring engineer, who is awaiting the results of his entrance examination in the hope of enrolling in an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). On the eve of the results, Anni gifts Raghav a bottle of champagne, promising him that they will celebrate his success together, unaware that Raghav is under intense pressure. The bottle of champagne only fuels Raghav's worries as to what will happen if he does not make it. The next day, while checking the results at his apartment, Raghav finds out that he has not qualified for IIT in JEE – Advanced results and, afraid of being called a "loser", he jumps off the balcony. Anni rushes to the hospital where he tries to comfort his ex-wife Maya, Raghav's mother. The doctor informs Maya and Anni that Raghav's condition is deteriorating because Raghav does not have the will to live. Desperate, Anni begins to recount the tales of his time in college, in an attempt to rekindle hope in Raghav. Raghav doubts that the stories are true. Anni, in a bid to convince Raghav, invites all his friends from college to meet Raghav, and they together begin their story.


In 1992, on the first day of college, Anni is allotted a room in the H4 hostel, which is infamous for housing "losers". The occupants of the H4 block got the name because they repeatedly performed poorly in the annual sports General Championships (GC). A dissatisfied Anni applies to change his hostel block although a clerk informs him that his application might take time. In the meantime, Anni befriends five of his hostel mates, who develop a close friendship with him:


Gurmeet "Sexa" Singh Dhillon, a hypersexual senior

Himanshu "Acid" Deshmukh, another senior famous for his short-temper and an abusive tongue

Derek D’Souza, a fourth-year student who is one of the best athletes in the college and a habitual chain-smoker

Sundar "Mummy" Shrivastav, a sickly momma's boy who is in first year of college

Sahil "Bevda" Awasthi, an alcoholic super-senior student


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Over the two months, Anni forms a close friendship with the five fellows and also starts dating Maya. Meanwhile, Raghuvir "Raggie" Chalkar, a senior from H3, which is considered the most successful hostelite house, fast-tracks Anni's application because of Anni's athleticism and asks him to relocate to H3, a posh and luxurious hostel, infinitely better than H4. Anni, however, wanting to stay with his friends, turns down the offer instigating Raggie to call him a loser. Raggie also reveals that he had once made a similar offer to Derek too, but Derek had foolishly turned the offer down as well. Anni, livid at being called a loser, decides that his hostel will win the coveted GC trophy so that the tag of "losers" will be removed once and for all. He teams up with a skeptical Derek, who later buys into Anni's methods, to train his hostelites. However, he soon realizes that his team members are too weak in sports for them to have a chance at winning. To motivate them, he entreats all of them to give up one thing that they love the most till they win the GC Cup. He also comes up with a series of plans for them to distract the other participants so that they can qualify for the finals. His plans work and for the first time in the college's history, H4 reaches second in points just behind H3 and qualifies for the final rounds where they have to win a 4x400m relay race, a basketball tournament and a chess competition to beat H3 and win the GC. Raggie, now worried that H3 might lose to a bunch of "losers", tries to sabotage Derek and Bevda. Despite that, both of them win in their respective relay and chess finals. Anni tries to score a last point in the basketball finals to win but fails. Although H3 wins, Raggie genuinely congratulates H4 for putting up a good fight.


Back in the present, Anni and his friends tell Raghav that, despite losing the competition, the H4 hostelites were never called "losers" again because they tried to win instead of bowing out of the competition for fear of losing, and put in so much effort and fight. Anni and his friends ask Raghav to face his surgery and upcoming life, as a fighter, forgetting the tags of winner and loser. A year later, a fully recovered Raghav attends his first day of college, requesting the viewers to never ask what the name of his college is or what his rank was since he is content that he is getting to live life.



Sushant Singh Rajput as Anirudh "Anni" Pathak, the film's protagonist and group leader of the H4 team

Shraddha Kapoor as Maya Sharma Pathak, Anni's love interest and later wife

Mohammad Samad as Raghav Pathak, Anni's and Maya's son



Varun Sharma as Gurmeet "Sexa" Singh Dhillon, Anni's senior who is obsessed with porn

Prateik Babbar as Raggie, an H3 senior who detests Anni and his senior Derek

Tahir Raj Bhasin as Derek D’Souza, Anni's senior who has great athletic skills and is a chain smoker

Naveen Polishetty as Acid, Anni's senior who constantly flunks his tests and has developed a bitter, swearing tongue

Tushar Pandey as Sundar "Mummy" Srivastava, an introvert who is Anni's classmate and is tied to his mother's apron strings

Saharsh Kumar Shukla as Bevda, Anni's super-senior who is an alcohol addict and also a known chess champion

Recurring Cast


Aashray Batra as Raghav's Senior

Rohit Chauhan as Criss Cross

Neil Dhokte as H3 Maradona

Abishek Joseph George as H3 Venkatesh "Venky"

Nalneesh Neel as H4 Pandu

Rudrashish Majumder as H4 Bagula Freshie

Nitin Kumar Singh as H4 Fish Freshie

Ranjan Raj as H4 Abhimanyu "Danda" Rathore

Raziya Sultana as H10 Dulari Pitroda

Adarsh Gautam as Sexa's father

Sanjay Goradia as Mummy's father

Vishal Gupta as H4 Kabaddi Asthama

Kamaal Malik as Professor Mishra

Shishir Sharma as Doctor Sumit Kasbekar

Abhilasha Patil as Nurse

Saanand Verma as Hostel Staff


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